could anyone linked me to some good advance glsl tutorial?

i’ve figured out the basics of what’s it about and how to do it but I would like to learn much more advance techniques maybe some timelapse video from a blender master?:yes: (here’s hoping)

I am nothing but a disciple as the master miyagi once said to daniel san " wax on wax off" cheers:) ( I don’t know why I just type that… I guess I just really liked the movie :stuck_out_tongue:

I think people misunderstood me here I know that glsl is just lighting and shadows and stuff ( I’m not a total noob! ) I’m just asking is there any tutorial that teaches of a better way to do it I’m learning it all by myself right now and my water sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. I am not really a “blender master” but here are some basic tutorials that I made about how to use lights and GLSL materials.

Here is a link to the file I used for the tutorial.

I will try to find some better tutorials for you. :slight_smile:

thanks for answering my question john316:) I’ll Definitely check out the tutorials:) thanks again