Could Blender do Groboto like?

Please don’t understand me wrong: i like Blender! :wink:
But, several times these days, i receive Smith Micro’s advertising about GroBoto… And, truly, i always loved these algorithmic shapes and/or in space growing curly mandalas…
Is this a “simple thing” to do in Blender?


EDIT: Of course the is the Array method, but it is still hard to get it smooth AND controled in the same time…

This product truely looks like an array modifier on steroids. It seems as if that’s about all it does (I could be wrong) but since you can import the meshes into Blender, it might be a nice addition to the CG toolbox. It’s got some fairly high requirements, though.

Check out: Scherk-Collins Sculpture Generator


Nice little program! FYI - it works fine in Ubuntu using wine - export stl and import into Blender, then remove doubles and recalc normals.

Thanks again!

Yes, there was something a little similar (but also running on Mac OS9) in the 90’s. It was using fractal maths algorithms, but was needing quite serious mathematical skills to do anything nice with. Results could be compared to xelptic’s recent pictures (like that style of shapes a lot!).
Groboto is low priced… but it still can be too much if results can’t be imported in Blender.

I seem to recall there being another free “sculpture” app out there that does mathematical-type shapes, but this one was what I found by pokin’ 'round a bit. Anyone have ideas about others?

…anywho, here’s what I came up with while tinkering:


This is something like this
Some thing like this I have done in Blender
you can download blend file
Open Blend file and press ALT+A

@OBI_Ron so you can not get animated meshes out Groboto then? Only single mesh?

Seems like a camera output would be the most usefull, I mean if their claim of a fast renderer is true, matching footage from Blender and Groboto through a common camera seems like the way to go.

TopMod? :eyebrowlift:

YES! Thats it! I just knew I wasn’t going crazy (yet)! :smiley:

Sweet app, BTW…


I used the program from mzungu’s post, not Groboto . This program only exports stl.

Nice and neat kkrawal! (I’ll get your file down to get a look).
Important to me is: having the distortion happening over time(line) control.
You see? I need crazy stuff to grow and move around my aliens for each of their fancy worlds… ;))))