could blender get terragen like features????

what do you think???

Terragen has lots of features. So, which individual feature would you like to see in Blender?

I’m curious…, what kind of “features” have you in mind… with the ter2blend script can blender allready benefit something from the power of terragen…

(sorry for my poor english)

Just do a fractal subdivide on a plane a few times and that should be enough for you…

or use S68’s script.


there are lots of ways to make landscapes, one of the best ones is to make a grayscale texture, put it on a grid, and hit the noise button a few times. also you can export a mesh from terragen. they tend to be a little vertice heavy. and of course blender world forge, s68s script.

i know all that but what about doing realistic sky, sun, land, and water with the simplisity of terragen

i do the blend2ter script and is it only looks at one spot when i want it to change what it looks at you know camera rotation. it only copies its location.

i want it for a animation of a city i will place into a terragen landscape. i plan to have ship weaving in between buildings and the camera following

Do it yourself.
Hard work > Machine made crap

It would be nice to be able to do terragen like textures that dont have to be mapped on manually.

use the other script.


Good sky could be made using MegaPOV 1.1, it can render HDR images and has lot’s of texture options. I don’t know yet enough about texturing in blender to tell whatever it would be better suited for manual work however.

From what little I’ve seen about rampshaders it seems that they could be usefull in texturing terrain (or am I way off here?).

use the other script.


which script that be? Ter2blend? i meant if we could paramaters for textures like “does not appear above this angle” on the terrain, etc…

There’s a Plugin called t_terrain.dll that will map (procedural only) textures to altitude.


spot on fligh %

i never knew the name but i knew we had one :smiley:


Sky/atmosphere/clouds rendering with much better mist/fog, height/angle based procedural texture applying etc.

I think Terragen use a flat plane for sky and there’s the true displacement map that’s from the MakeHuman project which can make detail terrain. But what I would like to see in Blender is infinite plane and infinite sky, Would also like to see real time displacement map for morphing effect

infinite-sized planes are… challenging… for a scanline renderer to handle, not least because of the “clipStart” and “clipEnd” on the camera.

Raytracers have less problems, unless you use the octree optimisations like blender does, which rely on the scene having a bounding box which contains everything…

You’ll have to survive with really big planes fo rnow…

Can’t Yafray be program to include it ? Its all codes ain’t it ?