Could Not Open File For Writing?!

Hey guys,

I am pretty knew to Blender and I just made my first animation and this is what is says when I try to render it.

I have tried MPEG, Xvid, H.624
and whenever I try AVI it says

Cannot Open Or Start AVI movie file.

I really want to render this animation! Could someone please help?


Try another codec, there are some presets which may be a good place to start.

I’d highly recommend you render an animation to an image sequence (.png id good because it is lossless and can use transparency). If you render straight to a movie format if anything goes wrong with your render or machine you will have right from the start again. With an image sequence you only need to restart your render from the last good image.
You can then combine these images to a movie format very quickly in the blender sequencer or an external editor.