Could not save the Rendered Image in Blender 2.8.2

I could not save the Rendered Image. Whenever I render the image, The option to save and Save as image is disabled as shown in the image

Hi J, welcome to Blender bro! Are you saving from the Compositor?.. Try that if you haven’t. I save all my still images from there, with zero problems. As a matter of fact, I just did a test render to see if I can save out render outside of compositor, and I can’t find a way. So I must have set things up to a point where saving out of compositor is my only option… No biggie, as saving from there is the the way to go regardless. You can hit your render with all kinds of stuff, like Denoising etc… Check it out!

Edit: I figured out how to save the old-school way. I had to add a Rendering tab, then go to that, then change to Render Result. But it looks like that is what you are doing… Hmmmm… very strange. Do try Compositor though and report back…

It doesn’t look like it has finished rendering. It still says Freestyle: Mesh Loading

Unfortunately i ticked the Freestyle properties which is not needed to render my image, Once removed it rendered in time and can be saved as png. Thanks you saved my time.

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