Could someone do 2 simple improvements to the Blender UI?

I’ve been pushing this for a while now, but with no success…
In blender, there are two main things (among others) that bug me more than anything. I highly doubt they will be difficult to make.

  1. Improve the outliner. It does not have a drag and drop feature… I can’t move things around! Please add this. Also, a second thing here that would be nice, is an option in the right click menu of an object to change the text color of its name in the outliner. These would really help with organization. Also, please add a materials filter with the others filters.

  2. Improve/fix the file browser. It goes FULL SCREEN, every time! Why can’t it be windowed? Can someone add an option for this. Seriously, it’s so annoying to me that it goes full screen. Could someone add an option that allows it’s interface to show up in a non full screen window (not unlike the settings panel itself) instead of stinking full screen? Also, it needs a search function. To be honest, if someone could get it to use the windows file browser instead, that would be great, so long as it’s the one with a file path field.

Blender devs don’t seem want to add these simple improvements. I ask because I seriously want these improvements, and wanted to ask here before I try to figure it out by myself.

I can help by supplying you with an add-on I found with a search function for the file browser, which I do use. It’s a bit dinky and not well integrated, maybe someone could build off that? If you need any images from me describing what I’m looking for I can make and provide them to you. At the end of the day, we should really submit these changes to the Blender devs so that hopefully they can integrate it. Open source right?

Wrong forum, it’s both coded in C.

Dangit! :C

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