could someone edit this so i can open it into sculptris

so im working on a collab with a friend and he uses blender and i use sculptris, well the 2 programs apparently don’t share files that easily…

i just need someone to edit this so i can re open it in sculptris, and then send me the edited file

well if you export the model in .obj format from blender you can import it to sculptris and then export/save it as .obj in sculptris so you can open it in blender.

Sculptris can’t just open any old .obj file. If you have a vertex with too many connections it will raise an error and fail.
We don’t know if this is the case because we have no idea what model the OP is trying to use.

Its easy take your model and go to sculpt mode. then click dynamic. which will turn your model into triangles (which is what all scuptris models are). export it like that in an .obj and walla.

dynamic topology* sorry I was speaking in general. Its called dynamic topology in the tools panel.