Could use help with sticking logo

Hey guys ive got this model, and want to ad some logo through nodes, i did smart unwrap and mask it for the rust texture but now i wanna add logo on it, so how to achieve this. Ive followed Andrew Price tutorial on making rust on jerry can so i decided to do some practice with my model of container, and ive would like to add logo so it doesnt look so boring. Here are some pics of model and nodes. Any help, c&c is welcome!

Could use another object to give the decal its coordinates

Front faces only

Edit: The UV map is set to contain areas that are offset from the object coordinates to exclude textures. UV’s where the texture is visible are outside the UV area (>1) and the side faces are inside the UV area (<1). Math node is set to pick those from the object coordinates, which are then moved to the side of the UV area. Full green (RGB 0,1,0) places those along the Y = 1.

Ok, will try that, thanks for the reply m8