Could use some help (ideas) to clean up noise in this render

I’ve been working on this for hours, finding this and that information on how to render scenes, and I’ve got a mostly clean render, but I still get too much noise in a few spots.

I’ve added an area light above the car to help light the top surfaces, that helped a little, but making it any brighter just over lights the car.

I’m also using an HDRI

I changed Clamping Indirect light to 1.00

Also set Multiple Importance Sampling

But most of my time has been spent trying to get the ground materials to work with the HDRI in a way that at least makes it look like I tried.

But still, it’s the noise I’m trying to solve right now, and I’m low on ideas at this point.

you could try using:

That actually made a big difference. 1000 samples, 4k with the denoiser option on. I haven’t done any compositing of this image yet, I think it might still need some work.

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looks great!