Could you help me out please? Maya + Blender + Unity - I need some participants


Welcome all. I read this forum quite often, especially art section for inspiration.

As the title indicates, i need some participants for my uni project. I have modeled house in maya and blender and exported to unity. As this is academic project, i need someone to take a virtual walk and answer the questionnaire, which has 21 question.

Could anyone help me out with this please? It would take around 5 minutes (or longer if you wish) for virtual walk and couple minutes for questionnaire.

If someone could help me out, it would greatly help me in my project.

Environment is located at:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sweet - I’ll give it a go at some stage. Glad to help a blender person out!

EDIT - it requires me to install a Unity app…what’s this ?


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Unity app is simply a web player that allows to play 3d content created with unity. It comes from legit unity website.
I am aware that not everyone is comfortable with installing such applications, and that is ok.

I maybe unnecessary assumed that many people played something made with unity now and then and that they have app installed already.