council creature

hi everypne. id like to present my new artwork.concept art by marc nagel. all modeling ander rendering done in blender, sculpting and texture in zbrush, and comped in photoshop. i hope you like it


I like it! Put it on creaturespot!

Pretty sweet looking render. The texturing is superb.

Wot a friendly looking fellow! Very well done.

Its a great presentation.
Very professional, whatever this means.

@ DividedSpleen23 :im glad you like sir.thank you for viewing. :wink:

@Hippie: thanks you so much.

@Wombatcombat: hehe.thank you for dropping by.

@michalis: i was thinking about that too :slight_smile: . i have no idea what he does.if he had an environment, maybe an alien command center, he would mean something.for now i think hes saying " im out to get yoooooouuuuuuu… if i had LEGSSSSS…"hehehe.
thank you for you time :slight_smile:

Did you use displacement and normal maps from zbrush aasm271jr? Or just normals?

That looks amazing. To me he looks more like a soldier that would attach to a mech like robot and shoot out lasers and nukes to destroy planets. :slight_smile: Great Work!

Nice materials, models and scene.

It can almost feel the creature coming towards me.

thank you so much sir.

Very good, one of the best things made in Blender.

@EnV: i am very honored sir having u visit my thread.thank you very much. :slight_smile:

It’s expression and pose are great, texturing and lightning as well :smiley: It would be cool if you can animate it, creeping through the mists and shadows , of some distant galaxy…

I like the scratched and weathered look of the hard surfaces of the creature. It gives the impression of ageless experience, though good or bad, I have yet to find until the episode. (smiley face emotive)

@croc: thank you for having the time to see my thread. i was thinking of that but im working on a new right now so maybe in the future. :wink:

@kbot: i am happy that you liked it.

@michalis: hi sir. i only used the normals maps. and also here is the screen grab of the pose. the lighting consists of area lights and spot lights. and standard output passes plus rim shading from normal nodes.


Well well done aasm271jr, I wish I could have your topo skills. And your patience.

thank you very much sir :slight_smile:

Very Nice!
Looks amazing great textures, lighting, modeling, and everything.
Defiinately keep up the good work!

this is so cool :smiley:
really nice combination of organic and hard surfaces
great character :slight_smile:

Wow… That looks really great!! I envy people that can make creatures and characters like this… I can only make furniture and mechanical things… :slight_smile: