Count from 1 to 1000

1s there was none.

2 - 4, shut the door
5 - 8, lay them straight
9 - 50, you think it’s shifty
51 - 110, I’ll go and tell you when
111 - 220, So you think that’s plenty
121 - 560, It seems the outcome is getting misty
561 - 999, It seems we might be done, isn’t that great, or not so mighty
1000 - 1001, It’s already over-counted, but this isn’t 4chan so I guess the thread is done.


ace dragon you ruined all the fun! :slight_smile:

How on earth do you put gifs in here?
Here’s my take:
You know how much fun it is if you load 1000 screenshots into gimp, you see the layers running and practically on cue this music starts:

Provides one hell of a drive…