Count Suzanne

I made this one sometime ago for printing mainly. I was browsing my past renders today and I realized that this could be a good one to post in the forum gallery since I supped up the beloved Suzanne in it. I made bunch of Suzanne mods and this was one of them. I think that it could go well with the halloween tradition.

Modeling : Blender
Sculpting : Blender, Zbrush
Render : Modo
Comp : Blender



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Art is also daring. This is art.
Our dear Suzane remodeled …
I really liked that.

nice image.great sense of have suzanne in other roles?- it could be an interesting competition.

That`s truly awesome man!
Great dramatic lighting and pose. :slight_smile:

I agree, very nice work, kkar. The model, the pose, the lighting, and the smoke and compositing are all nicely done. How do you create the glare, the look you get of the highlights glowing? Is it simply the glare node, or another means?

Very well done!

Really awesome work!


I am glad for the positive welcome for this work.

@James Candy
I just used alpha channel, highlights, blurring, shifting, masking type thing so that only lit areas have the blooming.

I actually rendered this in Blender as well (they were almost the same setup) but I ended up liking Modo version over Blender`s. I think the Blender one was a bit noisier even at high sampling. Anyway I am sure it is possible to get exact or better result by now in Cycles.

Clever concept and good execution.

Steve S

Well done, looks awesome and it is humoristic:)

Here is the raw version

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Nice work! I love the idea.