Countdown Timer starting from 5 Minutes

Hi guys,

it’s really frustrating. I’m completly new to Blender and I can’t get a simple countdown running. It should start at minute 5 and I read a lot, but still it doesn’t work.
I try it since several hours with the AddOn “Animation Nodes”.

My main problem is: how I get a Float Number convert into a Timer in Minutes and Seconds?

I testet many things and I erased all my thoughts. This is what left:

(There are two timers, one for the minutes and the other for seconds, and in the middle is a " : ")

Has someone a solution for me?

I have found a solution myself. The trick is to convert the float number.

Only a small time difference of 8 seconds arises after the 5 minutes.

I just spent some time trying to make a countdown timer. I started with this video:

But I couldn’t figure out how to reverse it. Your post made me realise I could use Animate Float to achieve this.

This version have fewer nodes and no timing issues. My counter is set to 15 minutes.