Hi all, can anybody suggest how I might get a visual countdown going and then get an object to change colour, eg 5,4,3,2,1 and then the object changes to red?

In one frame of the animation, after you applied a material, go into the materials tab and press I. Select RBG and repeat the process until you get to one while changing the color after you add the Keyframe. Very simple indeed, yes…

Thanks for the colour tip, any ideas on how I can make the countdown timer? This one has got me stumped, I thought about adding the numbers to individual planes and then moving them out of camera view while the next one comes in but that would give a scrolling effect whereas I would like it to be a straight on effect.
More thinking is needed.

There are quite a few 2.49 example floating around that use python in a frame change event to achieve this by assigning new numbers to a font object. However, the Blender 2.5 team has not implemented any frame change events yet, so that technique is not possible in 2.5 yet.

Another clear case where a 2.49 feature. left out, make 2.5 inferior.

if using different planes you could send them to other layer -this can be animated- or animte position with constant interpolation -Shift + T-

I thought I was the only one here in 2.49.
It dose not seem like the correct way but moving something out of frame works fine. no scrolling effect. That is if I understand correct. If you do it with one frame.

Thanks for all the suggestions I’ll work on it and see which is the easiest, I’m still working with 2.49 as I use obj import a lot and 2.5 has got issues with this function.

Seem like the easiest way is to build all 5 numbers in one location, then control their visibility with keyframes by changing which objects are in the top layer and which are in other layers.

Well if you are still using 2.49, here is a scene with a working scriptlink that counts.

Modify as needed.


ras_scriptlink_frameChange_to_font.blend (150 KB)

Thanks for the new suggestion and for the file Atom.

Hey Matabele, I took some time this afternoon to throw together a quick blend file that might help. There is no scripting, just some uv textured lattice deformed cylinders with key frames. I kept the modeling really simple so you can take it whatever direction you’d like to. (Had to compress this to get it to upload, but BlenderArtists won’t allow .zip uploads… so… just delete the “.blend” in the file name and replace it with “.zip” then extract it. Sorry for the hassle.) Good luck, and thanks for sharing!


Countdown Clock.blend (200 KB)

Fantastic Sawyer, thanks for your time, I’m sure many will make use of the file and learn from it.

Hi again Sawyer, just to let you and others know that your file cannot be opened with 2.49 as all the animation data gets lost, you are using 2.5. I will hold on to the file until I upgrade.