Country scene

A project I started out of boredom and turned out alot nicer then I thought it would.
Morning scene


Very cool. You should create a tutorial or making of article. Nice work.

For the whole thing… Maybe I’ll start with the barn and see how I feel after that.

Awesome mate well done, its amazing what art boredom often creates :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice. It looks great!

Only criticism is that the sky texture seems to stretch a bit. But other than that it’s fantastic.

Does your avatar show the same model with different lighting? It would be interesting to see some more lighting setups.

There is something iconic about it - the wide open vista, the ubiquitous barn form and wind mill perhaps. I love this render so much that I am proud of it as a blender user (novice user). Really good stuff. Maybe the tall grass could use some work to appear more convincing, but great composition, color palette, textures, etc.

Good work :slight_smile: I prefer morning scene. It’s more suggestive and more realistic.

I agree you did a great job on this project.

That’s awesome. I remember watching the progress in the WIP board. My only thought was the roof rust seemed a bit too patchy and large. Usually it’s smaller in size or more uniform…

but then again, I would chop off my left pinky finger to be able to create something this good right now (okay, not really). But it’s great.

this is really an amazing render. i also prefer the morning scene. keep up the great work and being bored lets peoples imagination go wild and create a masterpiece like this. :smiley:

Great work, I like the grass.