Countryside sunset with Harley

Country road scene I made with Harley parked on the side. First time using Cycles for a scene. Taken me a while to get used to. Fair bit of editing in Photoshop as well.

And here’s the bike by itself. It’s a 2016 model Harley Iron 883. Sort of. I used a lot of different reference images (some of them contradictory!) and videos, some from older Sportsters. There’s some stuff missing (e.g., brake fluid reservoir) because I have deadlines to meet but oh well.

great scene, great work, too much orange.

Great composition imo ! The trees on the right are a bit off I think, they doesn’t quiet fit in when I look at it, but that’s only my opinion :slight_smile:
Great mod on the harley, do you have some wire shots for us ?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Here’s a wireframe of the bike. The image I rendered is just with subsurf disabled; other modifiers (solidify, mirror, etc etc) are still turned on. Curves also have their own generated geometry that isn’t easy to disable… And there’s a few places where I had to apply the subsurf to get the shapes I wanted. This is most noticeable on the derby cover (circular chrome bit on the bottom of the engine) and the tire tread.

Oh, and I used Cycles wireframe node to get the wireframe… so there wasn’t much control. And applying wireframe modifiers to stuff would’ve been a pain in the butt lol. Gives a general idea at least.

The blue wire render looks great! Very nice work!

good job i like the lighting and atmosphere

Awesome job, I love those warm colors! If it weren’t for the bike, I’d take the image for an oil painting :smiley:

Thanks all :slight_smile: Here’s a shot of the raw render, prior to compositing:

And here’s how it looked after compositing:

Everything after that was done in Photoshop. I also rendered a bunch of masks for things like the trees, signs, bike, power poles, etc so that I could paint behind them.