County Blues

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cool scene. good expression. how come there is a white brick among the greenish ones?

I though it might add a touch of realism, like it had been painted over, but it just kind of sticks out. So I yanked it. Here’s my thing: Up close, the face looks a lot more real than it does from a distance. The whole body looks plastic-ey. Need to try out some of the simulated SSS skin in cycles.

Her dress is so shiny and smooth. It looks weird. Also it looks like she is floating above the bench.

I agree, both easy to fix. I’m kind of getting tired of the makehuman experience, I want to try either poser or the victoria model. Anyone have any preference (or another model/rig source) Sounds lazy and wishful but I just want a realistic model, fully rigged, ready to animate. Maybe I’m dreaming, but I’ve about had it with the mhx/rigify options from makehuman.