Couple more questions Lol

Ok 2 questions:

  1. How do you make something look like cloth
  2. How do you use a sky map thing (like the ones in the stikied post
    Thanx again ppl


  1. My 5 minute cloth tute.

  2. Press F8 to open World’s settings. Add a texture, select ‘Image’ and load the sky map. Back in World buttons, select AngMap in ‘Texture & input’ section, then Hori button in ‘Map to’ section. Changing ‘Real/Blend/Paper’ on the left of the world buttons will change how map is displayed.

  3. Alternative to 2. Add a Sphere, scale to enclose whole scene. Add material to sphere, then texture. Load up image, select Sphere in Map input back in material buttons. Press ‘Shadeless’ to turn off shadows and specularity.

  4. additional to 2. If you want to light your scene using the world settings, use AO and ‘Sky texture’ in AO section of World buttons.

Hope this helps,


thank yahs

For the cloth, give soft bodies a try. Scroll down to “Contributed Tutorials”.