Couple of mine...

Been playing with blender for quite long now but never posted anything here. I like to play IL2 Sturmovik and these projects are inspired by IL2 chats and forums :smiley:

wow, that second image is amazing, but it looks like you used a background from ms flight simulator or something, that background doesn’t do the rest of the model/texturing justice. maybe use a high res landscape for the background?

I used this background for a purpose :smiley: As I mentioned in my previous post - I did it inspired by IL2 Sturmovik game - and this background comes from the same game - it was a joke for one of IL2 forums - I posted this picture and said that this “aircraft” would be available in one of new versions of the game :smiley:

I like the stylings of the antennae in the first pic. A mechanized robotic torpedo? Paint it in bright colors and it could fit in a Mega Man game. :wink:

The second is a delightfully kludged-together piece of junk, and I mean that in the best way. :smiley:

I like them both!

second one is awsome.

Why does the first one suck and the seconed one look awesome!

Maybe because on the first I spent only couple of evenings and second took me quite a lot of time :slight_smile:

Only flaw with the second image is you can see the default blender world color in the reflections on the engines.

If the blue matched the sky, and you could see distorted trees along the reflected horizon, then it would be perfect instead of really damn good.

:stuck_out_tongue: I had the feeling that was the answer…I do really like the seconed one alot! I would like to see more works like that.