Courthouse-not finished

heres a court house thing ive been making. so far i only have the glass parts fully done (the window panes). lemme no what you think.

IT LOOKS PRETTY COOL… butt do coart houses usually have bars on their windows.?
even prisoners that go in there have cuffs on anyway… bit hard for them to even open a window.? lol.
just curious. looks cool though

yea i was going for more of a gothic style with that. its supposed to look gloomy and depressing.

If you were going for that then you have reached it. Great job on the modeling so far! Good luck with the rest and I will be watching this wip!

Thank you!

here’s a small update:

Is that a procedural texture or uvmapped? It looks too repetitive and too low res on the pillars. I suggest first finishing the modelling part and then texturing.
The model also looks like it is lacking AO. Turn it on to highlight the geometry more.

Agree with above post. Get rid of that texture.