Cover Art for the next version of User Manual for LMMS (open source Music Studio)

Hi all,

I am Narayan.

I have written about 10 User Manuals for freeware software (as my return gift to the author).

One such manual was for LMMS (

LMMS (= Linux Multimedia Music Studio ) is a music studio.
It is an open source project. (see description here:
It works on all major OSs, so the " Linux" part is redundant.

I wrote the original manual about 3 years ago, and since LMMS did not change much, it sufficed.
But the recent version has a lot of new features, including a revamped GUI.
Therefore I am planning to revise the manual fully.

I need the cover art for this manual.

The manual is A4 size.

The artist will get credit in the manual, including contact detail.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Narayan, any idea what you want for the cover?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response!

I love your work; especially the Maxwell house, and the Blue mist pewter (the twin trees).
I also liked the wireframe and real photos, but I would have liked them combined in one image
(the wireframe fading into a solid shape).

(That should give you some idea about what I like.)

About the LMMS, I’d like the image to reflect the product, which is essentially a music studio; or what you do with it.

“Music Studio” means it has instruments, percussion, bassline, pre-recorded sounds, …
You can compose every part of a song (or a sound track), other than the vocals.

The image should convey that this is a sophisticated product (not a basic software).

This is a conscious decision: Its logo was changed from-


-because people felt the earlier logo was not respectable enough.

The following may or may not be there in the image:

  1. musical notation, either in the form of sheet music or 3d shapes wafting in air.
  2. indoors or outdoors ambiance (meadow, river, stream, mountains–Anything that fits a musical sound)
  3. LMMS logo.

Here is some description to set you in the mood:
LMMS is meant for home studio, which comprises of a laptop and an electronic keyboard on a stand; both placed in a normally lit cosy den, with a half-filled music sheet on a stand, and a headphone placed somewhere; some music books in a shelf, and a coffee mug casually balanced someplace…

The idea is the home composer composes whenever mood takes him; he does not have to worry about studio rentals; or matching his timetable with other musicians (there are no other musicians!).

This is in contrast to a professional music recording studio, with dark sound-proof walls, a large glass-partition and a lot of recording+post-production equipment (including a mixing console that dominates the scene).

Does that provide sufficient input?

That should be enough, although I do have a few more questions.
Do you have a high res logo (300ppi)?
What text/title do you want on the cover?
What is your deadline?
Oh, and you can contact me directly through the contact info on my site which would probably be more convenient for us both.