Cover for Scientific Journal - Inorganic Chemistry

Hi all! This may be a rather untypical work as scientific images are not the most popular. But I used Blender to create this image for a scientic journal cover that has been published today and I would like to share it. I hope it is self-explanatory :stuck_out_tongue: .

For those of you who want to go deeper, what the image represents is a model (chemical pressure) able to predict where the non metallic atoms will go into the metallic crystalline lattice at different pressures. There is another important chemical concept in the image, the electronegativity, which is represented by the number of โ€œarmsโ€ or โ€œholesโ€ that puzzle pieces have. The more holes the more the electronegativity the atom is, while the โ€œarmsโ€ represent a tendency to donate electrons.

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