COVID-2049 - Little action film against the virus

Hi everyone!

Early on during this crisis I knew I would make a film to find an emotional outlet for these tough times. Instead of some dour documentary-style film about someone in self-isolation, I decided to go full on B-movie schlock and kill the virus with a shotgun. :wink: Let’s face it, in one way or another we would all want it to be that easy…

Have fun!

I made it all at home during self-isolation and it was originally intended to be way shorter and way simpler. If I had known something half-way decent would come from this, I would have put more effort into the environment and corona zombies. :wink:

I was inspired by, among other things: The corona zombies by the artist Beeple, The Mandalorian and Half-Life.

Rendered in EEVEE, partly with the motion blur addon (can’t wait for proper motion blur). For the zombie animations I used GlyconVR motion capture with my Oculus Rift CV1. Editing, sound design and compositing in Adobe CC. The music was done in FL Studio.


Pretty cool

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Thanks! :slight_smile: