Cowboy Bebop: Spike Spiegel Fanart

Done for a modeling challenge over at Cgtalk. Used Blender 2.61/2 and Sculptris. Rendered with cycles (hdr map).

I wish I can model characters this good.

Looks more like somebody cosplaying Spike Spiegel than the man himself. Not sure if this was the original idea. Anyway, it looks good.
Have you retopologized the mesh or is it pretty much as it came from Scupltris?

The idea for the project when i started was to revisualise Spike in more realistic design… so i suppose you could say a cosplay of sorts. Was not trying to copy 100% from the anime.

And i did retopo the mesh, except the hair, didnt have time to retopo the hair and i actually wanted to do it with Particle hair. I will be tweaking this project further so maybe in the future he will have better textures etc. :o