Cozy Living Room

A project I enjoyed making.

Blender 2.9 (Steam)
Cycles, 1024 Samples

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@Amanda, it is nice idea and comfortable apartment i think. Maybe, more info about the project,render settings and etc?:slight_smile:


The camera is set to 76.6 degrees of FOV.
Exposure was set to 3.8, and an HDRi was used for the majority of the lighting (with an intensity of 1, always).
As for lighting, I always make it as realistic as possible, so all the lighting is done with the HDRi and the spots on top of the table.
The denoiser used was the “NLM” option. The Intel denoiser for me makes the render look as if someone took a paintbrush and smeared it all over the render for some reason.
Adaptive Sampling is turned off for the moment as I couldn’t get a good result with it for interior renders.
“Light Path” and pretty much all lighting options are always on defaults for me.


Nope, don’t agree😊. The main option threashold is sticker on the times. Try to create a simple scene and test with some options on it. Decrease main samples and decrease threashold to 0.0001 not 0.01 like deafult and so on😉

I did. I get more noise, or washed out renders. I fiddled with all the settings, tried many combinations of them, but they didn’t produce a result on par with the quality I wanted to achieve. For some scenes it works great for me, such as my coffee beans scene, but not for others.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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