CP 2816 Empress

Hello guys! This is my latest personal project which i want to share with you. A beautiful train of Canadian Pacific Railway.
Waiting for your thoughts in a comments.




I did not find a flaw.
I like it.

Thank you, i’m glad that you like it.

Looks beautiful! Love the lighting and the materials you used. I’m curious, did you use blueprints or reference images? Also, how long did it take (roughly)?

Thanks! Looks amazing!

Fritz131 Thank you man. I was using only this one blueprint - http://trainiax.net/drawings/steam6/mlw4-6-4cph1bl.gif and a lot of references. If talking about how long it takes, model of locomotive was made a long time ago and i have spend about 2 month, a lot of time takes looking for good references for this specific locomotive plus high model detailing. Making all scene took 3 days, can be made faster, but i was never making environments, so i learned something new and it was fun.

This is Fantastic! If you know how to export Blender models correctly, You could put this into Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, or I could send it to one of my Minecraft boys to port it into the Immersive Railroading Mod.

Either way, This is incredible!


Thank you very much, but i not planning to put it into any mod or elsewhere. It will stay just artwork not more. Thank you again.

The model is very nice but I´d work a bit more on the materials and lighting. In the nature shot those make the train look a bit flat and more like a toy.

Thank you for your critics. Yes, lighting on the first image is not perfect, i agree. This is 2 years old post and at that time i was like entering into CG in general and was focusing on growing my modeling skills.

Heh, sorry, I didn´t notce.