CPS3 emulation - finally.

Ahh, nostalgia. Street Fighter brings me back to the days when arcades were the place to hang out, and 2D sprite animation was more than enough for everybody. Also, wasting $20 worth of quarters was considered to be the norm -> Well, that’s one part I won’t have to relive on my nostalgia trip:

After more than a decade, that nasty CPS3 encryption has finally been broken. Games like “Warzard” and the “Street Fighter III” series are now fully emulated.

You can find the final version of the CPS3 emulator here: http://nebula.emulatronia.com/

As for the roms…well, google is your friend.

is emulator opensource and roms free ?

If you can find them, the roms are free. :wink:

The emulator - I don’t know, but my guess would be that it’s Open Source.

Either way, it’s distributed freely.