Craig's oil paints

Here is something I just completed, hope you like it

Update - here is another that I quickly knocked out for my girlfriend, instead of buying a print of someone’s artwork we saw. I took a quick photo of her dog, and had fun with it :slight_smile:


Awesome, it almost looks more like watercolour than oil. Great job

that is brilliant! did you use a photo reference for the soldier or was it entirely out of your head? either way, it’s excellent. interesting subject matter, i must say, though…

Thank you!! I use a bit of linseed oil for vehicle, to keep it wet longer and to blend areas together. I used photo references loosely, and stitched them together in Gimp, then kind of let loose since there was no way I was going to be an exact copy of a photograph.

Added another picture to the first post :slight_smile:

Great work, nice colours in both pieces.

Thanks, Ben, I just use the normal mix of oil paints. I do try to get bright tones like you see from acrylics, but that is not always possible.

I love it :slight_smile: The angles have a real ‘photographic’ quality, kind of like what you’d see in newspapers or magazines

EDIT: I also love how you’ve worked your signature into the artwork rather than just whacking it in there

Thank you Dakka Dakka, I have been not wanting to ruin the areas of interest by dropping my sig on top of them, rather just slide it in there sorta. I have been watching a lot of youtube tutorials, and decided I have been waiting too long to get back into oil painting. Drawings seem to take so much longer than paintings due to the need to pull in so many colors with pencils, sharpening, etc. Paint just flows :slight_smile:

Yeh I’ve never really gotten into coloured pencil, paint is just such a flexible medium although I haven’t had the space to paint for many years :frowning: But I reckon it really shows when even the placement of the signature has been considered artistically, great job :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing more

haha, i can’t say i like those dogs but, my goodness, you’ve painted it well. very big, expressive eyes, i must say… and the white of the eyes makes it look freakishly human…

and the white of the eyes makes it look freakishly human…

Hahaha, she thinks she is a cat, maybe I should paint her in a pose more like her attempts on the top of the couch to be in pounce ready mode :slight_smile:

I will add more soon, after I get another weekend to paint. Overtime at work this week, so no time to paint yet.