Crane with Magnet + doll metal robot :)

this is a BAD example of a ragdoll.
you can use the generic constraints for a much better job.

Hi all!

this is quite fun,

I am looking into ways of controlling rag dolls, I found a way to add handles to the chain :slight_smile:

Look in the middle of the chest for the handle…

it is what is controlling the tracking, and the magnet force.

it is connected to the topmost parent, the Torso.

The rag doll also stands itself up, when the feet ,head, or hands touch the floor.
the stand up but is a bit choppy, and will need some work,

I am going to make another rag doll with control handles for the hands and feet.
With any luck i will have a puppet that responds to joystick and keyboard controls.

Here is a screen shot of the Crane…
And the File:

YOU NEED BLENDER 2.43 #11 Build, for this to work properly… I have not gotten the blender player to work with it yet, so you will need to use the editor to play the file.

Move crane – Arrow keys
Magnet – Space bar

One other note…
the magnet must be close to the rag doll to work…

Well, anyways, I thought I would share… might help people control the new hinges
have a good one everyone

i love al the ragdoll games, there great!
and again p00f, thanks 4 showing me how to make ragdolls, i’m having so much fun :smiley:
this one is one of the “less” funnier…(hmm… for some it could be disturbing… )
mayby a bit too sadistic tho… (but in gears of war the’ve got High dev. hanging bodies… so a few hanging cubes arren’t that bad… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Ha Ha! That is great :slight_smile:

There is new blender build 11C that might solve the camera problem in the Blender Player.

I am going to give the Autonomous Ragdoll another shot later tonight.
I think I can have him stand up a bit more realistic with a bit more work,

I think I have a way to make so the knees and the elbows dont hyper extend anymore


I have been doing my rag dolls totally wrong!

There is a way to use generic hinge rather than the normal hinge.

we can limit the rotation, and location of the hinges!

I am going to make a different model and try again.

this is very exciting :slight_smile: