Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (designers, modellers and texturists wanted)

Howdy! I’ve posted this thread before in Team projects-category, but it didn’t pay off, so I try my luck here.

So, I’ve been making an unpaid fangame Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis with few co-programmers, they’ve left the project, so I’m in urgent need of replacements.

That ever-devious Dr Cortex up to no good once more! He’s kidnapped Coco and is testing his new mind control prototype to force her build bigger one, that works on the whole planet! Thankfully, a hero of all bandicoots, Crash Bandicoot, arrives to free Coco, and no worries, even if the machine was complete, cause Crash and Coco wrecked down its power supply while escaping Cortex’s castle.

The mad scientist himself won’t give up though. He just thought that a certain value of purple power crystals might be enough to power up his planetary mind control contraption, and sends his minions all over the world to find those crystals. As soon as bandicoot siblings realize this, their only hope is findig the crystals, before the minions do so.

So begins the type of adventure we’ve all been waiting for! Crash is back, and this time for REAL!

It’s a new game with classic Warped/WoC formula which consists of:

  • Warp room with 25 regular levels and 5 hidden ones (unlockable with relics)
  • ND’s low poly layout on characters and some of the objects
  • Classic Crash with all of Warped’s moves
  • All the good ol’ elements from ND’s Crash games from Wumpa fruit to crates
  • Bonus paths, skull paths and gem paths
  • Crystals, gems and relics (each one received by their respective ways)
  • Lab assistants
  • Five boss battles (Ripper Roo, Rilla Roo, Koala Kong, N-Gin and Cortex, order of first three might be changed depending how you prefer)
  • etc.

I guess I could also reveal which environments I’m planning for game’s levels so far:

  • Savannah
  • Slippery boardwalks in nordic forests
  • Swamp (Floridan ones for example)
  • Logging site (sometimes with beaver fortresses)
  • Desert surfing
  • Building’s wall under renovation
  • Snowmobing
  • Mountain paths
  • Factory
  • Harbor

Screenshots of game’s previous state:

Game was started with Vanilla BGE, but for @Daedalus_MDW’s suggestion, it’s being ported into Godot, so programmers her are no use to this innocent project anymore. However, we’re now open for modelers, texturists and designers, who use Blender v 2.78c or earlier.

The first elements to be designed for this game are:

  • Warp room and its warp pads
  • Styled in-level warp pads and bonus platforms to each environment (except ones I can come up with the styles for)

So if you’d wish to help, you can leave a comment here or contact me via [email protected]. I higly appreciate your help with this.

​Thank you for your attention

Crash Bandicoot and related content courtesy of Activision


As impressive as this is, be very careful when it comes to fan games. 95 percent of the time when a fan game or a recreation of an identical game is created, the lawyers will swipe down and hit you with a cease and desist order. When that happens all that work will go down the drain.

Tread carefully.

Hmm. There are hundreds of Crash Bandicoot fangames done so far, and they all seemed to survive. Sadly majority of them weren’t as closely followed as the one I’m making. I also heard some fangames got endorsed by contents owners.

I finally came up with the story synopsis:
Dr. Cortex has taken control of the satellite, with which he’s now able to turn inhabitants into his mindless slaves - or use it to some other evil purposes. With help of N. Gin, it’s now equipped with a plasma beam, with which Cortex thought he could vanish Crash and Coco before beginning his operation. Just one hit and Cortex thought he finally got rid of the middling bandicoots, BUUUT, Aku Aku got them shielded with his powers. Once again it’s up to Crash Bandicoot to put the end to Cortex’s scemes!


Could someone at least tell me how to create sensor that detects gravity or movespeeds (like if Z-speed is higher/lower than 0?)?

Try the following example, probably is what you want.
ex_linV.blend (103 KB)

I would love to help you in the project, I’m especially better at Python than anything else in BGE, we could even insert some features like a map editor for the developers and the players (which can help to achieve the creation of lots of levels with ease and lower disk usage). See this example of a game I’m making.

However, I have no experience with team work when making games, I never manage to go far. It’s up to you if we could try or not. :wink:


At least your skills with python sound convincing. May I have your email, so we can share game’s files together?

My Facebook (I prefer this one than email):
I will send my email through private message to avoid spam and such. :wink:

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Thanks to joelgomes1994, the template is finally progressing.

He’s now onto the HUD - as well as fixing Wumpa’s movement towards the screen corner like it should. Previous version did have hud too, but he had to inactivate it while re-programming Crash’s movement.

If anybody has opinions or comes up with title or better synopsis, just let me know. And if anybody wants to help with this template, or wants to map levels, leave a comment here or contact me via [email protected]

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Wow, fantastic!

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joelgomes1994 had to leave project and is now pending for response from some Brazilian BGE group to take over. Meanwhile if anybody else is willing to help, leave a comment here or contact me via [email protected]

What we have here is a failure to communicate…

I hope this fact will be helpful because Activision is going to port Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy(PS4) to PC Steam,Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.So in that case getting new game assets could be easier.

But not every PC can handle N. Sane Trilogy. And in any case I wish to finish this fangame as others like it or lump it.

Btw, would you like to help with this fangame? By programming for eg?

Say, how good are you at python or logics?

tried to work out the hip joint for the real walking exoskeleton and finished blocking out the protagonist.

I opened a Discord server for this project to make things easier.

Since Crash’s jump is programmed into a python script, I can’t figure out how to make him bounce by the boxes or other object, unless somebody gives a hint.

Another thing I need a hint with, is that how I make a sensor that picks a global variable?

If discord link expires, let me know if you want to join, and I’ll PM you the new link