Crash changing layer

Hello everyone.

I’ve been working for a few weeks on a blender project of an old sewing factory. Moments ago, I changed layer to work on an isolated mesh, and then when I changed back to the original layer, blender crashed. The problem keeps going everytime I try to change back to that layer.

I’m facing a deadline and I’m quite worried since the last backup I made was some days ago. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The blender project is here if you want to try (the problematic layer is the lower left one):

Couldn’t find a problem. Here are the objects on that layer:-

Link expires in 7 days

Really? Could it be temporary files or something on my end? Thank you so much.

Possibly. There are temporary cache files. A reboot might have fixed it, or maybe something was corrupted and just opening and re-saving it on a different machine was enough to resolve it.

Happy that you didn’t lose any work :slight_smile:

if you are on windows, check the C:\users%USER%\appdata\local emp folder.

my computer is really barebones on software, so i can safely delete everything in that folder on occasion(sometimes there will be a file or two in use). you might want to be a bit more selective.