Crash on start up 2.91

keep getting this error "atio6axx . dll " , i get the python box then white blender screen then nothing . i think my grafics card may be to old but its been working ti’ll now . its an amd hd 5450 , i know its old , have windows 10 , i7 860 @ 2.80 Ghz , ran the debug and debug workaround , and no luck .

Yes, it is old, and is well below minimum requirements, which have been established quite some time ago. Older versions of Blender may continue to work on such card, but these old GPUs aren’t supported by the developers.

yea , knew it was coming but like i said worked until this release . 2.91 , welp onwards to the next card ,

That it worked until now is just luck, nothing more. It’s not grounds to expect that it would continue to work, as that would imply expecting support for something that is explicitly stated as not supported :slight_smile:

Well , alrighty then , back in business , just got 2.92 and all’s right with the world . same old card …

Congratulations then. I think.