Crashes when I use the stucci texture..

(MaxShame) #1

Hi, I’m fairly new to Blender, but I do know how the basic mesh & texturing works. The only problem so far is that whenever i go to use the stucci texture on my material and select Nor, it crashes upon rendering. Am I correct in thinking the problem has something to do with bumpmaps? Would my video card be to blame?

(azrael) #2

Most craches in blender are caused by the video card driver.

it crashes upon rendering

The fact that it craches at this stage points toward the driver

(bob_dog) #3

I agree, it is probably the video card and or driver. My desktop used to run Blender just fine with Win98, but then I upgraded to XP. The XP video driver is incompatable with Blender, so my Blending is now restricted to the Laptop. :frowning:


(theeth) #4

Did you upgreded your drivers after intalling XP? By default, XP instals crappy drivers…