Crashing during texture paint


As said in the title, everytime I want to paint anything (whatever the method I’m using, even if I mostly wanted to use the stencil brush) Blender just freezes, and then it’s my whole laptop who freezes too and I’ll just have to turn it off >.>

I’ve seen several topics about that problem in some forums but I don’t seem to find a solution anywhere, or it was mostly because of previous versions of Blender, but I’m now using the version 2.79.

I tried to reduce the meshe’s verticle numbers, tried to reduce the texture size, use the multi-texturing, I also tried to minimize the radius of the brush… but it still just crashes the second I try to paint.

My blend project has several meshes (like face, hair, eyeballs and eyelashes. The one crashing is the body mesh), and it worked fine on the others.

I also don’t think it’s my laptop’s fault.

I can link the .blend file if needed, but I just hope there is something that I didnt try and that could work ;;
Thank you for reading!

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