Crashing when changing frame

Hi there everyone, I was recently doing a tutorial with grass, it’s basically a particle system (around 1000 particles) joined with a plane. I made it into a soft body and the baked the dynamics… All was well but then, after the dynamics where baked, I could scroll around and select anything without any drag whatsoever but I can’t change the frame I’m seeing, neither by selecting with the mouse nor by inputing the frame number in the frame “selector”…

What is this? has this happened to anyone? I had a lot of work on this thing and I don’t have a save, previous to the dynamics baking… This is a real bummer, the grass was coming up really well…:frowning:

Are you able to clear the bake? There should be something like a “Free Bake” button somewhere. See if you can change the frames then. It might be some sort of corruption in the baked data.
Or try turning off the particles and then scrubbing the timeline.

I have done this “Free All Bakes” thing quite a few times, after starting my saved version, after baking again… What do you mean by turning off the particles? setting the view count low?

If you select the object with the particle system, go to the Modifiers panel. You should see a Particle System modifier. Next to it are two buttons, one with a camera icon and one with an eye icon. Click the eye icon to turn off the particles in the 3D view. This will still render them.

Yes, I did that, not on my file (mine must have some data corruption or something of the sort…) but on the file made by the author of the tutorial and I can change frames, as long as I don’t go to the first frame… It really doesn’t make sense, this might be a real issue since my computer is fairly recent and can handle something of this sort, so it probably isn’t related to insuficient hardware.
In the tutorial I see the author scrubbing the timeline with absolute ease but in my case blender just freezes… a lot…