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I’m pretty new to blender like I learned a little a few months back then stopped but now I am back with it and learned the basics of modelling, but texturing is kinda hard. So I want to make a crate, and texture is the feel and look of a surface right? So I just want to paint a square to my liking, and then apply them to all the faces of the cube with the uv map, but I just can’t. Can someone make a quick video of them doing it with a wooden crate texture? Thanks.

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When texturing a box or crate, if you are using a single square image texture then you can always just select all faces and choose ‘U’ to unwrap, and press ‘reset’ to get all faces aligned flat to the image. You should then see the image on all six sides of your box or crate. There are actually several videos of this on youtube already, some with very detailed painting like on CG Cookie, or some with some simple painting in Gimp and uv mapping in Blender.