Crater Island

Grow map for grass and trees

Splat map

I use World Creator for make terrain. I export 8K 32 bit exr Heightmap and mask maps.
I sparate rgb colors from splat map and used for mixing shaders.


For the water, did you use volumetrics? Or did you use some other shading technique?

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yes, here is nodes


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Nice overall image
However you should improve your water shader : the water isn’t that blue close to the surface as we can see it around the big rock, it’s in fact transparent :wink:

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Awesome work dude :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, how did you scatter the Trees ?

Thank you dude. I used hair particle system and used splat map grass layer for growing. here:

Y’know, I rather like some of the other images that are “much less grassy.” Also, when I look at the first image and wonder “what doesn’t quite feel right about it,” I think that it is the scale of those trees. Since we know how big a tree is, we know how big the total island must be. This creates a “visual incongruity” to me, and I think it’s all the terrain.

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Looks so beautiful

TR: İç göletin kenarları biraz daha alçak olsa ve kumsalı olsa bir o kadar daha sıcak gözükürdü. Yine de gayet güzel gözüküyor.

EN:If the sides of the inner pond were a little lower and it had a sandy beach, it would have looked as hot. Congratulations

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@brokanteur @sundialsvc4 @manahter Thank you for feedbacks and opinions.