Crawler WIP

A basic crawler
C&C appreciated


To me, the legs look a little too skinny/far apart to support the body, and the body is a bit blan. could definately turn out well, though.
A small update

-Added an intake
-Added “ground” (AKA a plane)
-Indented sides
-Altered position of legs

Hey… I recognize that… Kinda. I would suggest looking at how an ants or spiders leg works. (Genius who engineered it.) For example:

Just a general idea of how they work.

Also, There are little crawler robots like that with completely stiff legs. All they have is an up and woan and a forward and back.

I didn’t post the picture to make you change. (Hint: I like the curent style)

Great work so far!


Any ideas as to what i can stick on this thing so it dont look like a box wiht legs?

Howabout windows so they can see out? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hence the black.

Oh… I was talking about on the sides.

Howabout a communicatoins dish, like on the Millenium Falcon. Or an access hatch in the back, or maybe the back should split open for loading and unloading. (Like a laybugs wings)


All this time ammounts to this…
Not worth the wait, was it?

Not many changes
-Added a light (Wooo!)
-remved alot from the back, just cuz
One last update for today… errrm… this awake period…
again, only two chages
-Moved the bottom of the exhust back a bit
-Lowered the top

looks like a cockroach, dont it?

all help appreciated



Roach 8)

After a few minutes of work i have…
-Changed the legs

Any and all help is needed


Anybody going to comment?

You’re probably tired of having me comment. But still…

The legs end ubruptly, kinda stumpy like.

The hull from amidships to the aft is a little bare. Nothing a good panel or two could fix. I reccomend access hatches and maintanance hatches to busy things up a bit.


better than naught, il get on the ideas. Any luck on urs?

Errrm… hmmm any ideas on how to do a robotic foot?

I rendered off a quick idea.

My model… "I figured that since it was a military model you wouldn’t have hydraulics on the outside anyway. So I just spoofed up the legs some.

Its coming along. Never be afraind to just DO something. In the words of Jack Sparrow; “Don’t think about, just go.”

Great job thus far.

Once again, massive ammouts of updates
-added feet

See anything else? (dullness will be taken care of in texture)


the legs dont look like they can move at all, they have no pivot points.
With basic camo texture, bound to change