Crazy animation glitch - help!

Hi there, this is my first time modelling (well, second attempt at my first model) and I need to animate the character for a module at uni. I pose my rig, press A & I to create a keyframe, move along, pose, etc. and everything looks fine until I press play. Then my character elongates and falls off the screen. Right now I’m just trying to create a simple walk animation.

I’d kill for some help. Thought I’d try the animation editor in unity, or 3ds max, but I can’t get my head around either of them.

Hard to know from what you’ve given. But when a character “falls off the screen” 9 times out of 10 you got some type of physics on it, check the physics tab (far right in properties), and get rid of soft body/cloth/rigid body etc…

Without the blend, it’s just guesswork.

Pasteall (
is the preferred blend host if it’s too large, or in your case new users may not be able to post blends, or there’s a delay or something like that)

Thanks, was wondering how to put that up here. Took me a while to spot the blender option as well; I was trying to figure out how to morph the file into code, haha

Not sure if my response is awaiting moderation or I just forgot to press send, but here’s the blend file:

You have rigid body physics on your character. Click the X next to it to get rid of it, and you should be good to go. Also not a bad idea to start giving your objects meaningful names, it can save you a headache later when you have 150 objects in you scene. And you probably want to open the tools panel (hit T) and with your character selected click on smooth shading.

Kind of infuriating that it was such a simple problem, but on the other hand, glad it’s easily fixable! Thanks :smiley: