Crazy (but fun) game - Racing pitch!

I just saw this awesome game. It’s made by the same guy who created the Dismount games.

The concept is this: you must mimic the sounds of an engine to move your car forwards. But if you make it go too fast, it will fly of the edge (I think the steering is automatic).

Here’s a video:

Here’s the site (go to the article about Assembly 06, and click on the Racing Pitch link):

This game looks so fun. But I haven’t really got the nerve to play this game…:o

Okay, now this is a strange game, I give the creator points for making a game that requires engine noises as I haven’t seen that.

thats proly the weirdest game i have ever played, love the originality of the voice controls lol

I must say, that game is quite embarrassing to play