crazy compression

Hello , some of my friends told me that there are softwares that compress any 4 gegas iso into 30 ~ 300 megas , dose that make sense ?

Yes. It does.

and another told me that they compressed windows 7 into 64 kilobytes !!

Thats true also.

lol , it’s kind of funny , but the extraction took a <LOT of time> , but why people don’t use these softwares instead of winrar …

win 7 into 64k? thats hard to believe, but i have seen mepis squeeze 4 gigs onto their live cd wich decompresses on the fly fast enough to be useable.

Say again???!

Links anyone??

“Not possible.” - AUTO, WALL-E

If I have a file with only one character I can compress it a lot.
For example, instead of “00000000000000000000” I could write “15x0”.
But I can’t do that for “0123456789abcde”.

mepis is a linux distro john. just go to

The best losses compressed algorithm that I have ever seen was compatible of compressing normal files (not just images and music) from 6 GB into 1 GB.

However, compression depends on the algorithm and particular file. An algorithm that works good on one file might not work well on another file.

there was a guy that claimed very high compression ratios, and even showed his software compressing a file down to a very small size. However, it was a very embarrassing fail when he tried to re-expand it and the expanded did not match the original, at all. In essence, this is the heart of lossy compression; what data fidelity are you willing to give up in order to save space? So, a 1Gig JPEG image may compress down to 1 K, but with a quality of 1 - it’s small, but basically useless because when it is re-expanded, so much fidelity is lost it’s ugly. Fidelity can be compromised for data like pictures, but not so good when the data is the opcodes for an operating system, or your bank account transactions.