Crazy Procgen Bookshelf Script

Made a crazy procgen bookshelf script:
ProcgenBookshelf (2).blend (144.6 KB) (updated 2021-04-03)
It should work in most modern versions of Blender, 2.8 and 2.9 at least.

The blend file above includes two scripts, one to make boring normal bookshelves, and the other to recursively generate more complicated bookshelves by including a “pinwheel” formation instead of simply horizontal shelves. Here’s a demo video:

Both versions use procedural techniques so the result is easy to modify. It’s just edges!

I used the script to generate the base design for an actual bookshelf that I built as well. Works in practice!


Hello, this plug-in on the use of errors, I hope you can see what causes errors, thank you.

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Yes. My mistake. I was indexing the modifiers by name, which doesn’t work when using a different language. I have updated it to index by number instead. Here is the new file. Please let me know if you run into any other problems. ProcgenBookshelf (2).blend (144.6 KB)

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