(MrPatel) #1

Is there a way to get rid of the creases like the ones here:

I read in another post to not use triangles, but how do I fill in a quad?

(harkyman) #2

It looks like you’re doing the symmetrical modelling thing. I would guess that you have a double row of vertices along the top center ridge of your subsurf cage. Use Remove Doubles to clear them out.

(MrPatel) #3

It removed 0.

(theeth) #4

Are the two halves joined together?

If not, it won’t be smooth until you join them and remove the doubles.

If you have trouble removing the doubles, try increasing the Remove Doubles limit.


(stephen2002) #5

you have to select the verts along the middle first. Make sure that you don’t also have a little gap there (ZOOM way in to check)

(S68) #6

Make a zoom in wireframe, probably the double row is there but it is not exactly coincident…

threshold for merging coincident nodes is 0.001 by default try 0.002 to 0.005 maybe that’s it.

I assume you are using subsurf right?

If not, then there is nothing to do, short than moving vertices one by one…
(or, perhaps, the smooth button)


(MrPatel) #7

hehe. I meant the creases around the eyes and mouth.

Thanks though. I got one problem fixed! :smiley: