Well on my model when I try to pose it I get massive creases, so I am wonderng how to fix this, I have tried weight painting but then the crease moves to the edge of the weight paint. So, how do I fix this?

Screen grabs please - without seeing it, we won’t know what to suggest.

Ok here you go.

Ok first of is the subsurf modifier above or below your armatuer modifier?
Second could you post some wireframes as you might be having issues with the topology of your mesh and the creases come from that. Wireframes would be best in ortho front and side and top.

Hmm I don’t have subsurf or armature modifier. I have actually never used an armature modifier.

Heres the wireframe.

i thing you need a few more edgeloops near the lips fram the inside of the mauth

Well it seems that the lip is cutting through the part above it. So I just need the top part to squish a bit more when the lip moves.

yes, and a litle more softer weight paint would maybe also help

I don’t know. It just seems to crease at the top of the weight paint. No matter what.

Ok your problem is a lack of proper edgeloops. There is no edgeflow around your mouth so you will always have the mouth poking through your stuff.
Here is a drawover to show what I mean:

Excuse the bad image but I only had paint.

So basically I need to remake it? But start with stretched circle or something?

If I were you, I would try adding an IPO driver for a shape key on the upper lip bone. Just rotate the bone as far as you would in animation, make a shape key to fix the crease and apply it to the rotation of the bone.