Create a GIF


I’m trying to create a gif with Photoshop from an animation I made in Blender but I don’t like the result. In Photoshop, when I click on the play button, the animation is very fluid (80 images to make a full circle) but it’s not fluid in the gif. I tried at first with 240 images but the result was horrible. I thought the gif was too heavy so I reduced the number of images and reduced image quality a bit but the result is pretty much the same. Why? Is it because I use Photoshop (I’m using CS5) or my file is to heavy (13.6Mo) or something else?

Thanks for your help!

Check your export settings of the gif, there might be wrong settings for the frametime. Also maybe your gifviewer may interpret the gif frames wrong. Check if other display programs have it to, check if PS shows it wrong to if your reload your export.

That would be my guess, too. In every somewhat sophisticated GIF editor, one can set an overall frame rate or set the “showtime” for every single frame. I made some small GIF animations with GIMP. There every frame is represented as an Image layer.



Yes thanks! That was the problem indeed. The frametime was set to zero. By setting them to 0.002, it fixed my problem! Thanks to you and Gregor!