Create a realistic material for render a photo frame

Hi guys, i wanna render a photo frame i’m building (see pic)

But the photo on the frame isn’t realistic

  1. i need to create a white border around the picture
  2. i need to apply a glossy layer without opacize the texture (like a real printed photo)
  3. i dont want the texture pass on the other side.

how can i create that?

Thanx in advance

bl or cycles

cycles might be more realist

need to add proper HDRI map for world
or use some AO to minimise shadows may be

for pic might need to add a bright / con node

happy cycles

  1. Edit your picture (in this case is your texture).
  2. Mix diffuse and glossy with Fresnel factor.
  3. Mix the diffuse + glossy mixed shader and plain diffuse material with backfacing node (find in Geometry node, then pull the backfacing node.)

sry, in cycles… i forgot say it

sry i can’t understand n.3 :):slight_smile:

I tryed to create a picture in a frame last week. Here is what i was comming up with.
Maybe it helps you.


picture_with_frame.blend (734 KB)

how about something like this

if you need nodes set up let me know!

happy cycles

each points for each questions.