Create a Robot in Blender! Image is: finished

Hello everyone,
This is my project for the CGcookie contest: Create a Robot in Blend.

Title: Blendo
Blendo is a musician, and actually this preview was made during his performance.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

more info:
I used Blender 2.68, the scene was rendered in Cycles.
As hardware machine, Blendo was created on Toshiba Satelite C655, 2x 2Gb processors for that time. The actual final render:
figure ā€“ Full Glob. Illumination.; 60 ā€“ samples, 0 ā€“ preview
detail ā€“ Figure ā€“ Full Glob. Illumination.; 150 ā€“ samples, 0 ā€“ preview


Next time better :slight_smile: I would like to share with you guys that Iā€™m really motivated to learn and grow more :), into serious Blender professional developer - user!
I start learning Blender in November 2011, now I feel I can do a lot of things using this program,. ā€¦ however I also feel by participating here at this forum, that I can learn a lot even more than I know now! And for this reason I would like to Thank to all of you for this opportunity! Thanks to all people with positive thoughts sharing them knowledge every day!

Ivaylo Gogov