Create a SIMPLE circle with 8 vertices

I finally just got the newest version of Blender (after months of putting it off).
I can’t even “add a mesh circle” and choose it top be 8 vertices.
Where is the option to select how many vertices a circle can have before you use it?
Any help is appreciated.


Hi. Operator panel is minimized at bottom left, or press F9 key.

I have version 2.79b
The F9 appears to do nothing.
Thank you for your reply, however…
I do not see any Operator panel anywhere that shows vertice count.

That’s almost an old version, everyone is talking about 2.8 when they refer to “newest” :grinning:

In 2.79 it should be at the bottom of the Tool Shelf panel, so make sure you do not have the area minimized. Or press F6 key

2.8 is not “official” yet. I didn’t want to take a chance using a BETA version.
I still can’t see the option I need. I am just going to have to downgrade to the last version I had.
F6 just toggles Edit Mode.

That’s weird. You try resetting to factory settings (do not import previous version settings)

I didn’t reset anything. I arranged my windows, as I always have.

F6 is the operator settings in 2.7x, tab is edit mode. Either you changed it by an accident somehow, or your setup got wonky from something unknown. :slight_smile: The correct shortcut is however, as yafu said, F6 or clicking that cute little plus sign at the bottom right in the tool-panel… just by the ‘history’ title in your picture here.

I tried 2.79, 2.79a and 2.79b
Fresh install on my laptop and on my desktop.
I press F6 and nothing happens. I have no problem getting into edit mode or object mode.
Windows 10

Could somebody upload a screen-shot so I can see what I am missing?

Note that the F6 panel shows up under the mouse cursor if you press F6 while hovering the mouse over the 3D view and dissapears as soon as you move the mouse out of the bounds of the floating panel.

Thanks. It worked. :slight_smile:
I instinctively jump to “Edit Mode”, so I can naturally “edit” the new untouched mesh.
Apparently I have to “edit” the circle’s number of vertices before I go to Edit Mode.

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Ah, yeah if you add your circle/cylinder/something else in object mode. If you create an object, enter edit mode and delete everything within edit mode, then add a new circle or whatever while in edit mode then you should be able to tweak those parameters while in edit mode too.