Create a Vertex at an intersection?

Is it possible for me to create a vertex at the intersection point of two edges?
If so…how do I do that?

I don’t quite understand your question since two intersecting edges always have a vertice at their intersection. I’m assuming you mean two overlapping edges.
You have to cut the two edges at the correct place using the knife tool and then merge them.
First you have to select the edges you wish to cut.
Next press K and select Knife(Exact). The cursor will change to a knife.
Now draw a line over the intersection with the knife. When you are happy with the line press Enter.
You should have a new vertice at the point you cut the lines.
Select the two new vertices and press ALT+M. You will see the Merge Menu. Choose what ever merge you want to do but At Center is probably best in your case.
If everything went well you should see a message that states that one vertice was removed.
Voila you have one vertice that connects the two edges.

If I missunderstood your question please clarify.

Musk, you understood my question better than I laid it out! LOL
Yes, I was speaking of creating a vertex where two edges overlap.
I did just what you said…it worked great…exactly what I was hoping to do.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

This Thread was very usefull to me. It apears the knife tool doesn’t do what you suspect from a knife tool. It really doesn’t cut. So when I use the knife tool on a line, the line gets an extra point.

My question here (and excuse me if you find this question on some different threads) is if you can move this point to a different place on that line.
If you just move it the line “breaks” (gets a corner). If you move the point with <alt>, it snaps to the grid. But is there a key to make it snap to the line itself?

The traditional way to move a point along the line is by using scaling.
Say you have a line between point A and point B, and you’ve cut a new point on the line at point X.
AKey to deselect all point
RMB on either point A or point B
Shift-SKey and snap Cursor->Selection. The cursor is now at that point
PeriodKey to change rotation/pivot point to Cursor
RMB on point X
SKey to enter Scale mode. As you move the mouse, point X will slide along the line like a bead on a string. LMB when point X is where you want it.


Maybe I am misunderstanding but after you make the cut with the K key can’t you just select the vertice that you just added, hit G and move it on whatever axis you want, to whatever point on the edge?


Nyraths solution works for edges that aren’t aligned with an axis.

Cool, I didn’t think of that and will be very useful to know for the future. Now if there was just a way to move all or part of an object along an angle evenly that it’s on the X, Y or Z axis.

After hard searching all over the www (it’s a joke) I’ve found how to put a vertex just in the intersection of two edges.
I’ve got the script space_3dview_cursor_control-0.4.1 and blender 2.56 beta in ubuntu 10.
Well, with the two edges selected, you must go to the bottom of the transform panel, just to cursor control. There you can find different icons for the cursor, there is one like two curves lines with a ending organge point that put the cursor in the edges intersection, After that, you can change to the vertex edition and create a new vertex from extruding (E) an existing one. After that, you can snap (Shift + S) the selected to the cursor and, that’s all.

Thanks to the people of the script:

I can’t get the Knife to make a vertex there.

To do that, I use the “TinyCAD Mesh Tools” add-on: